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Planned Giving (PG) at All Saints

Where does our money come from?

All Saints has no historic endowments or investments.  We can generate a third of our income through renting our buildings and other activities. Everything else has to come from us – the money our members give, through Planned Giving (PG) and occasional giving in collections and some legacies.

Our fixed expenditure – the money we must spend, e.g. heating, phones, salaries, building maintenance – at present takes up most of our income.

The money we currently have left over to fund outreach, vision and new initiatives is therefore relatively small.

We are richly blessed at All Saints, people give generously of their time, talents and money, so what do we ask?

  • If not in PG – please join
  • If in PG – please review regularly what you feel moved to give. (We appreciate that circumstances may preclude increase, but inflation hits us too, and anything extra is hugely appreciated.)
  • If you able to gift Aid your money, we can claim 25p for every pound from the tax man.

Benefits to the church

  • If we know what our income is likely to be we can budget responsibly
  • We know whether we can afford the outreach initiatives to which we aspire

If you are a regular member of our congregation or if you would like to support the work of All Saints please sign up to Planned Giving (428kb).