Joining the choir

Entry to All Saints Parish Choir is by audition. The director of music, Jonathan Wikeley, is always keen to hear from interested singers at any time of year and can be contacted at dom@allsaints-fulham.org.uk


Singers will be asked to perform a piece they know well (ideally bringing along an extra score for the accompanist), and sightread a few extracts from the choral repertoire. The director of music is always happy to chat informally about any aspects of the choir beforehand.

Full list of services (1.4mb)

Application for choral scholarships (849kb) and organ scholarships (849kb)

Rehearsal schedule 

The normal weekly commitments are as follows:

Wednesday     Rehearsal 8–9.30pm

Sunday            Rehearsal 8.45–9.20am

                        Eucharist 9.30–10.45am

                        Rehearsal 5–5.50pm

                        Choral Evensong 6–7.15pm

Within this schedule, there are various breaks. Congregational Evensong is held on the third Sunday of each month. There is one men’s voice and one women’s voice Sunday each term, and on occasions the choral scholars will sing for services on their own.  

The choir is an extremely social group, and its members are often to be found in the Eight Bells after services and rehearsals. In addition, there are frequent tours to cathedrals, a longer summer tour, and occasional parties. In 2016 the choir toured west Wales and southern Ireland, in 2017 the choir will sing the daily services for a week at Truro Cathedral.