Friends in Africa

Grade 3 learners in class at Amasango

Amasango Career School, Grahamstown, South Africa

This special needs school enables children from the very poorest levels of society to obtain a primary education and build self-esteem. All Saints support the school through giving grants to the Friends of Amasango , fundraising and sending volunteers.

The Friends of Amasango

Friends’ grants mainly provide:

  • two meals a day and food parcels at weekends – without these, children at the school would not eat
  • school uniforms, shoes, coats and other clothing once a year – without these, the children could not attend school
  • uniforms, schoolbooks and rent (if needed) for ex-pupils who go on to high school
  • teaching equipment, tools and vocational equipment that are not provided by the education authority.

Children often have no financial support or much family backing, so the food, clothing and transport supplied make attendance at school possible.


In February 2017 six parishioners visited the school for two weeks to support staff and learners, act a informal classroom assistants and help with after school clubs. Since then two further visits have been made.


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