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Lent Book Groups

It has been hard during lockdown for many who miss the spiritual support of Sunday worship so during Lent, we’re offering several courses in the hope that you’ll manage to find a few hours over the next forty days, for yourself and your faith.

Just click on the email link and a zoom invite will be sent to you.   Each session for each group will run on Zoom for an hour on consecutive weeks, starting in the week beginning Feb 22nd.  

If you are not online, you can phone in to zoom meetings.  Please ring 0207 736 3264 to get the number you need for the group that you would like to join.

Monday 7.30–8.30pm Who is Jesus?

Jesus made some sweeping claims for himself – outrageous but true! This groups will discuss some of the 'I am' statements found in the  Gospel of John to learn more about Jesus, and his call on our lives.  

Please order your own copy of:  The 'I am' sayings of Christ (Study Guides) (Lifebuilder Bible Study Guides) Paperback – 1 May 2018, by Douglas Connelly.  Priced 4.99 on Amazon.

For zoom invitation: email Debo

Tuesdays 8.00–9.00pm Still Standing

This course uses clips from  the Elton John movie Rocketman to open up discussion on the meaning of success and failure, struggle upset and forgiveness, and other relational issues.  

Please order your own copy:  Still Standing: A Lent course based on the Elton John movie Rocketman Paperback – 15 Jan 2021.  Price on Amazon £5.64.

To register, email Ed

Wednesdays 2.00–3.00pm Dreaming of a better future

The pandemic has opened our eyes in many ways, revealing both positive and negative aspects of the way in which we live.  Using an uplifting and practical book written by Pope Francis, this group will discuss how the lessons of the past 12 months might help us make the world a safer, fairer and healthier place in the years to come.

Please order your own copy:  Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future Hardcover – 1 Dec. 2020.  By Pope Francis. Price on Amazon £8.48

To register, email Penny

Thursdays 8.00–9.00pm The Hiding Place is a truly remarkable story. During the horrors of the Nazi movement across Europe, an ordinary family in Holland responded with extraordinary love. It is deeply moving, challenging, funny and readable- a book that will help you set aside  pressures of homeschooling and lockdown, and perhaps change your priorities as a parent, or family member.

Please order your own copy of Corrie Ten Boom’s The Hiding Place, published 2004, available on kindle, or paperback (£7.30)

To register, email George

Fridays 8.00pm–9.00pm Why Christianity today? 

Curious about how faith can possibly work in the twenty-first century? This course makes the rationale and emotive case for faith in the 21st Century 

Please order your own copy of Francis Spufford’s: Unapologetic: Why, despite everything, Christianity can still make surprising emotional sense (Kindle and Paperback £4.99) 

To register email Jonathan


All Saints is an inclusive parish church, worshipping in the catholic tradition of the Church of England, that welcomes anyone, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, physical ability or ethnic background.