Admission to Holy Communion

Holy Communion

We share bread and wine at every Eucharistic service, because Christ told us to do this in remembrance of Him. This feast holds us together as a community where there is a place for everyone around the table.

Preparation for children

We run preparation classes for children aged 8–11 every year in the first half of the school summer term. These usually attract 15–20 children and are held weekly between 6–7pm on a Wednesday. At Pentecost (which usually falls in mid-May), the group take their first communion at a memorable service where the whole congregation welcomes them.  


Admission to First Communion is not the same as Confirmation, because the teaching focuses primarily on the significance of communion, rather than on other aspects of the Christian faith. Children who take communion at an early age are encouraged to think about being confirmed later, as teenagers or young adults. 

Please contact the parish administrator to enquire about the next preparation course for First Communion. Children need to be baptised before taking communion, but will be baptised at the service of Admission to First Communion, if they have missed out on this in the past.