Monuments and memorials

All Saints has a fine collection of monuments nearly all of which predate the present church. They include:

North Porch

Elizabeth Limpany (1691-94). She was the only daughter of Robert Limpany, a local magnate. This large monument is a plaque of white marble framed with fine wooden carvings of fruit, flowers and drapery.


Lady Dorothy Clarke (d1695) and Doctor Samuel Barrow (d1682). Lady Dorothy’s first husband was Secretary at War to Charles II. Dr Barrow was her second husband. This wall monument by Grinling Gibbons consists of a porphyry base supporting a sarcophagus surmounted by a carved vase.

William Plumbe (d1593) and Elizabeth his wife (d1615). Alabaster and coloured marble.

Thomas Winter (d1681), an East Indies merchant and great grandson of Admiral Sir William Winter. White marble on a porphyry base with an urn and coat of arms.

Bridget Holland (d1823).  She was the daughter of Lancelot (Capability) Brown and the wife of the architect Henry Holland (d1806) who was born in Fulham and is buried in the churchyard. Marble wall tablet.

Philip Daniel Castiglione Maurelli (d1737), a servant to bishops Robinson and Gibson who converted to Protestantism. 

Theodore Hook (d1841), dramatist, novelist and wit. A plain metal and green tablet.

Christopher Wilson DD, bishop of Bristol (d1792). White marble.

Viscount Mordaunt (d1675), cavalier and conspirator and, after the Restoration, Constable of Windsor Castle. This large black and white marble monument by John Bushnell consists of an effigy of a man in semi-roman costume standing on a pedestal which also supports balusters with gauntlets and a coronet.

South Aisle

War Memorials. A triptych commemorates those of the parish who died in two World Wars. Close by is a flag and 1914-18 Memorial to the 25th Cyclist Battalion, London Regiment, which was based in Fulham.

William Earsby (d1664), a pioneer Fulham market gardener. Alabaster and slate tablet (very faded).

Matthew Morrison, churchwarden (d1915). Wooden gilded wreath.

Major-General Alfred Bassano (d1882), one of three brothers who served in India and who was present at the siege on Lucknow in 1857. Blue and gold ceramic in a wooden frame.

Sir Thomas Kinsey (1696), alderman. White marble tablet with shield of arms and winged cherubs’ heads.

Caroline, Viscountess Ranelagh (d1805) and Thomas, Viscount Ranelagh (d1820). White marble coat of arms.

Sir John Becket bt (d1847) and Revd George Becket, prebend of Lincoln (d1843). White marble tablet with sarcophagus, urn and palm tree.

Margaret Svanders (d1529), wife of Gerard Hornebolt, illuminator and painter to Henry VIII.         A lozenge shaped Flemish brass.

Lady Chapel

Bishop Blomfield (d1857), a brass by George Richmond with elaborate gothic stone frame.

Thomas William Ravenshaw (d1852), colonel of the Royal Berkshire Regiment and John Goldsborough Ravenshaw, director of the East India Company (d1840) and his wife Hannah (d1862).

William Payne (d1626) and Jane his wife (d1610), benefactor of the poor in Hammersmith and Fulham. Alabaster and marble wall monument with a man and women keeling, facing each other at a prayer desk.


Lady Margaret Legh (d1603), daughter of Judge Sir Gilbert Gerard and wife of Sir Peter Legh MP for Lyme in Cheshire. This fine large gilt alabaster monument with a panelled base and Corinthian columns shows a seated woman in a hooded Elizabethan costume holding a swaddled child. On a pedestal on one side is second child and at the other, an hour glass.

Sir Thomas Smith (d1608). Marble wall monument.

Tombstones on the chancel floor include those of Captain John Saris, who made a pioneer voyage to Japan in 1611-14, William Rumbold, standard bearer to Charles I in the Civil War, and Thomas Carlos whose arms include an oak tree in recognition of his father’s hiding of Charles II in an oak tree after the battle of Worcester in 1651.

North Transept

Katharine Hart (d1605). An elaborate alabaster tablet showing a woman kneeling with two sons and two daughters.

Dr William Sharp (d1810) surgeon to George III and brother of Granville Sharp. Small brass tablet.

Thomas Bonde (d1600). A square alabaster tablet with a punning inscription.

North Aisle

Mary Barnard (d1842), benefactor of the parish. White marble tablet

Sir Charles William Kent bt (d1848), captain in the Life Guard. Marble wall tablet.

William Carter Muriel (d1916), vicar of Fulham, and Lucie his wife. Oblong brass on wood frame

Sidney Herbert Muriel, captain first Border Regiment, died 1915 in the Dardanelles. Brass on wood frame

William Butts (d1545) chief physician to Henry VIII.  Alabaster and black marble tablet. Latin epitaph believed to have been composed by Sir John Cheke, tutor to Edward VI.

Anthony Nours (d1704) and Katherine his wife. White marble draped tablet with winged skull at foot and at top a cartouche of arms surmounted by a hand clutching a serpent

Bishop Gibson (d1748) an elaborate coloured marble tablet

Edmund Gresham (d1593). Small square tablet with achievement of arms.

Bishop Porteous (d1809), a plain tablet.

Martin Stevens JP (d1986), MP for Fulham 1979-86. 

Susan Easton (d1907), wife of Edward George Easton JP, mayor of Fulham 1907-08. White marble with carved wooden wreath.

Bishop Henchman (d1675) a large black marble tombstone set into the floor.


All Saints is an inclusive parish church, worshipping in the catholic tradition of the Church of England, that welcomes anyone, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, physical ability or ethnic background.